3 mobile applications to be ecofriendly

3 mobile applications to be ecofriendly

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  • 9 de August de 2021

Today, millions of people live between applications and technology. So much so that the variety of applications that we find to download on our device is almost infinite.

Well, application creators have joined, in recent years, the ecofriendly universe, that is, respect and good treatment of nature and the environment.

This has led to the emergence of many applications that help society to be more ecological, favoring the world of external agents that damage it.

Today, we tell you 2 of the best-known applications that allow their users to be more ecofriendly and acquire habits every day to collaborate with respect for the environment. The first one we are going to talk about is Google Maps and the second is Abouit.


3 mobile apps to be more eco-friendly

3 mobile applications to be ecofriendly

1. Google maps

The famous Google application, Google Maps, is postulated as one of the new ecofriendly apps that we can have on our mobile device. Yes, the one that accompanies us on each of our trips to find the destinations.

This is due to its latest update, which comes with many new features. Since its creation in 2005, the applied technology has caused the application to grow dramatically and has provided services that confirm its success among users.

The latest update brings with it more than 100 improvements based on artificial intelligence. This allows to offer a much more precise information to the users.

In this way, one of the new implementations is Indoor Live View that allows greater orientation with augmented reality signals, avoiding mistakes during the journey. This is also related to the global location, where the Street View images are scanned and the exact point where the app user is going is established.

Indoor Live View also allows you to know the altitude and position of objects within a building, since it enters public spaces such as airports and train stations to facilitate arrival at your destination. With this, it can be easily located from the platform or the boarding gate, to the stairs or the elevator to the exit, as well as other aspects such as the bathrooms, the counters or the baggage claim belt.

This update is already available for iOS and Android in the cities of San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, San José, Long Island and Newark, but, in a few months, it will be available in Zurich and Tokyo.

google maps
In relation to ecology and respect for the environment, the update allows to know the temperature and weather conditions thanks to its weather layer. But not only that. Google Maps specifies the quality of the air, being able to see the level of pollution and pollen of the place where it is.
This data is provided to Google Maps by AirNow.gov, Central Pollution Board and The Weather Company.

Without a doubt, being a more ecofriendly application is one of the goals of Google Maps. Its update includes a routing that is based on lower fuel consumption. Of course, artificial intelligence does incredible things.

The data to elaborate these ecofriendly routes are obtained from the studies of the National Renewable Energy Lab that take into account factors such as traffic or the slopes on the roads. This last aspect makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint and trace ecofriendly routes for its users.

Google Maps has all the ballots to be one of the best eco-friendly apps. The route with the lowest carbon footprint will be the one that leaves by default when the arrival time is similar to the fastest route. If it is longer in time, the user can always compare and choose the one he prefers to reach his destination.

At the end of this year, these ecofriendly routes will be implemented in the United States, expanding from there to the entire world. And, in addition, Google Maps will notify drivers when they enter areas where the most polluting vehicles are prohibited from driving, as happens in many cities around the world.

Google Maps is already beginning its path towards caring for the environment and its update will also include a complete view of all routes along with the most common means of transport: car, bicycle or public transport.


2. Abouit

Abouit is an ecofriendly application that focuses on evaluating brands and products based on the impact their production has on the environment and society in general.

It is therefore an app that analyzes, with scientific rigor, consumer goods such as cosmetics, food, technology, appliances or personal care or home cleaning products with the ultimate aim of observing which are more sustainable and healthy.

This app was born in 2017 by the hand of a technological startup in Barcelona where its creators had the objective of offering an application that could make its users aware of what exists behind the manufacture or production of each product.

eco apps
In it, up to 16,000 products can be identified, but the catalog is updated on a daily basis. But how do you know if a product is sustainable or healthy? Using the barcode.

In this way, a scan is made with the mobile camera to the barcode of the product and three areas or types of information are displayed. On the one hand, the consequences of the product on health; on the other hand, the impact that its production has on the environment and society; and finally, the internal components of the product.

With this information, the application gives a global grade to the product, classifying it from more to less sustainable and respectful with the environment.

In addition, the app makes a comparison and advises you on the alternatives to that product with the highest score.

To develop this app, we collaborated with the biotechnology companies of Ecodes, Alimentomica, Inkemia and the NGO Economistas sin Fronteras.

If you want to start being ecofriendly, you can get this app on Android and iOS.


3. GoGreen Challenge

Do you want to make the world a little greener? With this app, available only for Android (let’s cry), you will be able to carry out weekly tasks assigned to you by the app itself, with which you will improve the environmental impact, with small but constant steps. If you are thinking of leading a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know how to start, this app is perfect for you, especially if you are one of those people who like to take on and finish challenges.

eco apps

Simple, interesting and striking, this is the app with which, through daily or weekly tasks, you will contribute your bit to favor the environment.

Tasks such as picking up all the garbage that you come across on the street or not throwing anything away, are some of the examples of the proposals made by the Go green Challenge. As you can see, nothing that we cannot complete.

In addition, the app offers you useful information about the environment and tips to lead a more sustainable and ecofriendly life, giving you, in addition to tasks such as those mentioned above, explanations of why it is important to carry out, those, and the like.

Are you already aware enough to install any of these applications to make this world a more eco-friendly world? What if you download one to test?

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