Three is the magic number, also for icloud Computing.

Three is the magic number, also for icloud Computing.

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  • 9 de August de 2021

First of all, let’s solve the question of the headline. In this article I try to explain what are Cloud Applications or Cloud Computing, and what parts are all that they offer us when they talk about the cloud is made up.

Applications in the cloud are those that exist on the internet and that we use with our browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.…). These applications need to be on a computer, even if it is not ours. And they need to be accessible from all over the world.

Next, we will see the different parts of this new fashion to understand what your company may be interested in.

The 3 wonders of icloud computing


The 3 wonders of iCloud computing


The first and easiest thing to use is something that already exists on the internet, that offers me all the services that I need and that I don’t have to worry about anything. For example, Spotify, which offers me to play music anywhere, but I don’t have to install anything on my computer (I can listen to music from the browser), I don’t have to download audio files, much less have a powerful computer to use it. . This, which is a Software that we use as a service through the browser, is known as Software as a Service or SaaS.

There are many SaaS on the internet for home or professional use, in fact, a company if it wants could have all its needs covered with the different SaaS that are on the market. There are SaaS for accounting, human resources, business management, etc …

According to BetterCloud, 38% of companies were already using almost all their services in SaaS in 2017 and it is estimated that by 2022 it will be close to 80%.


Software as a Service


• Reduce implementation costs by not having to configure and install anything on your computers.
• Performance guaranteed by the supplier.
• IT liberation, this department does not need to be involved, so they can dedicate themselves to other tasks.
• Generally the payment is per user / month.


• The captivity of most systems. In many cases you cannot easily export your data, so you are a captive of the service and if you want to migrate to other systems it will be cumbersome and complicated.
• The payment system can become prohibitive when your workers start demanding more and more services. Let’s not forget that these systems usually have a very cheap basic price (€ 5 / month per user, for example) but as you unlock features that your company needs, the cost will skyrocket, sometimes up to € 100 / month per user.
• Services not included, what happens if your company has a need that the SaaS does not solve? You will have a serious problem, since you will have to develop this solution on your own and you will no longer have only a SaaS, you will also have another application that must be understood with the system you hired on the internet.
• The customization of the system is usually very basic, so if you want to give access to your customers or suppliers they will see the system they use, and it will be the brand that makes the SaaS that takes the revenue from the good service and not your company (which is who is leaving the rooms).



There is a solution to the problems mentioned above, which consists of having your own platform on the internet, your small computer where you can install whatever you want. We call this Platform as a Service.

Once you have your own server, you can install applications that already exist on the market or applications created by your company. You will have much more control over them and you will be able to customize them to your liking, meeting the specific needs of your company.


Platform as a Service


• 100% customizable.
• Exclusive use of your company.
• You can create your own SaaS and charge other companies to use it, amortizing your initial expenses.
• All the new services added communicate with each other easily, if you decide to add a human resources module to other accounting ones, they will share information with each other immediately.


• The application depends on you, if it stops providing service it will be your responsibility.
• The bigger it gets and the more workers you have, the more resources will be needed.
• You will not have costs per user per month, but for application development. The final cost will depend on your provider.



They may have reached a point of customization such that you need to have more than one server or have your own network in the cloud, for example, because all your employees work from home and you need some security. If you are at this point, then what you need is an Infrastructure for your business, we call this Infrastructure as a Service, and it is very useful when you want to use big league resources in smaller companies.

Infrastructure as a Service


• You pay only for what you use in real time and without registration or permanence costs. This means that if you turn off the servers at night the cost is reduced by about 75%.
• Have the latest technology resources. If you buy a server it will be obsolete immediately, while if you use external infrastructure you do not have to worry about updating it.
• The security that ICT companies have in their data centers is worthy of the secret services. More secure than there, your data will not be anywhere.
• You can combine many different services within the same infrastructure, services that are not accessible to most of us in purchase mode (Servers, Virtual Networks, Machine Learning, File Processors, etc.)


• You need an IT team either internal or external.



To a greater or lesser extent, your company is going to use or is using any of the services that have been described. If not, analyze why it is, and compare the system you currently use with these services. Making the comparison objectively you will see that either the company is using economic resources in an inappropriate way or it lacks the services it needs to function.