The whole truth about Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse

The whole truth about Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse

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  • 16 de December de 2021

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, has been betting squarely on Virtual Reality for some time. The devices manufactured by Lenovo, which are known as Oculus, demonstrate this perfectly. Recently another clear example of this has emerged: the Metaverse. What is the Metaverse?

First of all, we will clarify that, despite the previous paragraph, METAVERSO is not an invention of Mark Zuckerberg, far from it, the metaverse has been around for years and many companies have participated in this metaverse before the arrival of Facebook.

Perhaps we can seem somewhat drastic with this statement, but basically what Mark has done has been to appropriate and take advantage of a term that already existed … yes, he has democratized it in such a way that even when you go shopping, you hear the Butcher to comment on the new Facebook metaverse… The metaverse is all the rage, but very few people know that there is life in the metaverse beyond the Facebook meta.

Thousands of users have spent years investing their time in the metaverse, what will now happen is that in addition to time, countless companies will also begin to invest a lot of money to be able to have their own virtual world and get a slice of what is coming.



What is the metaverse?

Now we are going to give you the definition. A metaverse is a virtual space where people interact with each other with avatars.

This term was coined in 1992 by a writer named Neal Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash, where he describes this virtual space, which is still a “mirage” of real life.

As you can see, the metaverse is already like 2 decades old and many, many companies before Facebook, have promoted the technology that this universe needs. Starting with the glasses that are needed to be able to enjoy this virtual world, this metaverse.

But before we talk more in depth about virtual reality glasses and all those companies,
(We are preparing another post to investigate these issues well) let’s talk about “Snow Crash” and “Second life“, the true pioneers of the metaverse world.

We will talk about visionary daring, but also about his dismal failures to date.


Snow Crash, the story behind the term metaverse.

Although it is a novel, it already spoke of a virtual world in which people related to other users through their avatars, as happened in films such as Matrix or Ready player One.


snow crash


In fact, its author, Neal Stephenson, we could say that he is fuming with the new occurrence of Mark and his speech to present it to the world since it was he who spoke of the metaverse for the first time in his book, when there was still nothing tangible but there was already some rumor mill about virtual universes.

What Stephenson raised two decades ago in his Snow Crash, is the world that has been developing and shaping in recent years, a world in which digital spaces are accommodated, a virtual world in 3 dimensions in which we can interact in different ways. An evolution that seems to be already necessary on the internet.

This universe invented by Stephenson was a street of about 200 km with a spherical shape and the entrance to it was controlled by a television company whose monopoly included all information and telecommunications. In the Snow Crash metaverse, users access it through terminals that project them into the virtual environment or through special glasses.

If with this information, you still think that Mark invented the wheel, we will continue to tell you things to change your mind.


The metaverse, the first.

After Stephenson’s novel there were some attempts by large companies, such as Steve Jackson Games, which presented an online virtual reality system known as MOO, where several users could be connected simultaneously. And this he did in 1993 with his company, called The Metaverse. We imagine that almost no one who reads us has known or remembers it, so as you can guess… it was a failure. It is also true that at that time the Internet connection was for very few.



Second Life, as the name suggests.

When Second Life arrived, everything seemed to be different. It was released in 2003 and was developed by the Linden Lab virtual community and is considered the first successful metaverse experience.

In second life, users also interact with other users through avatars. They can do activities, either alone or in a group, they can even create and buy properties thanks to the use of virtual currencies called Linden.

second life

We could say that before the arrival of Facebook, Second Life was the virtual meeting place and that before the arrival of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency par excellence, we had the Linden. He also popularized the term Avatar, which many of you probably did not know about before the movie with the same name.

4 years after its launch, it had a community of more than 1 million users around the world and in 2017, from Second life, Sansar was created, a virtual reality platform where you can create your own 3D spaces and where users can play games, watch videos or meet for talks.

It could be said that Second Life did not succeed because the world was not ready yet and the technology that was needed was not yet available to everyone.

Today our world is different, but we will see how far we get with the new life that META wants to offer us.